Hey Guys,

I don't know if this is allowed but here it goes. I found this tote that I made the other day that has never been used. I'm wanting to sell it there is more info about it over at my lj here. Take a look see if your interested.

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so i'm looking for the Fall Out Boy shorts that were sold on the Blink tour and then on the FOBR site. I bought a size large and they were too big when i bought them but was lazy and didn't return them in time. and i've lost some weight so now they def don't fit. but i really want a pair.
anybody have a new pair sitting around like me? prob size med or small.
please let me know

Clan shirt.

Hey I'm looking to sell some clan stuff.

I have a LCSY hoodie, it's only been worn a few times but the zipper fell off I took it to a dry cleaner and it would only be like 5 bucks to fix. So make an offer?

And then I have a clan 'I am your guilty pleasure shirt' It's only been worn once. so make an offer on that if your interested.

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Sales post!

Epic, giant sales post!

This sale includes 3 Clandestine Industries shirts, plus tees from Arma Angelus, The Cab, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Marianas Trench, The Rocket Summer, a purse, a snap bracelet, and some non-merch tees as well (including 4 Threadless tees.)

Please check it out!

All prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS. :D



My friend is looking for a GA ticket to BND on May 9th in Chicago.

She is willing to pay up to $60!

If you are selling/considering please email her at

2 Clandestine Industries hoodies for sale

I've got 1 Small Brainiac and 1 small Sneakin Kisses Sleeveless hoodie up for sale at my journal:

They're auction style. Make an offer/bid in the replies. Bidding ends in one week.

Along with the Clandestine stuff there's over $1000 worth of merch also for sale including other items from FOB, GCH, Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Help a dude out! I'm trying to adopt a cat and pay rent!

Thanks for looking!